The concept of ‘Lichting’ is simple: the best academy graduates of one year in one central show. In the audience are the most important people for the next step in their careers: fashion journalists and influential stylists, ready to spot the next big thing; CEO’s and design managers on the look-out for talent; and the all-important players-behind-the-scenes, all eager to see what the nation’s academies have brought forth this year. As a jury member we selected 10 upcoming talents, for the international jury and final runway show.

Lichting was founded in 2007 to bridge the gap between the academies and students on the one side and the talent-hungry fashion industry on the other. Lichting brings together the very best of each of Holland’s seven fashion academies. As a result, Lichting is one of the most highly principled fashion events in the Netherlands, both in terms of quality and representation. This Year the final show was held in Felix Meritis, won by Yousra Razine Marah.